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Jamie Marshall

I like to shoot all sorts of material, but will never turn away from something that has the power to lift the spirit. If people derive even a fraction of the pleasure from my photographs as I have experienced making them then that would be fantastic. Visual imagery can have immense power and influence and is too often the messenger bringing scenes of death and destruction into our lives.

I strive to convey positive aspects of our humanity and try and help shatter certain ill-conceived notions that many people harbour about what are to them strange lands and alien cultures. One cannot deny that war, famine and disaster are more common than anyone would like, but that even in the poorest places people generally find at least some happiness in their everyday lives. Although materially poor, many people are culturally and spiritually rich, and there is always room for joy, love and friendship.

As a professional travel and location photographer, my imagery is represented by Getty Images (The Image Bank), Alamy, Dorling Kindersley and Imagestate. My photographs have been published worldwide – from international ad campaigns for major airlines to editorial projects by small independent publishers and charitable organisations. If you are interested in aspirational imagery for your project, please get in touch. When not travelling, I currently reside in London and Brighton, England.